We do the Artist Showcase differently at RME. Our Anthem Showcase series is not focused on shuffling acts in and out of the venue - Our primary focus is Artist Development. We thoroughly believe in the process and want to share our experience, tools, and insight with each and every one of our artists. Our industry insiders connect with every artist at their shows and grow out network of Anthem Artists. We accomplish all this in several ways:

Industry Insider Guidebook

One on One discussion - At every showcase we give each act an opportunity to hear what an industry insider thinks of their live performance. They get insight and recommendations to help going forward. 

Team Q&A - During the show our insiders will sit down with the performing artists (and audience at large) to field questions on everything from Recording, Mixing, and Mastering to Youtube, Artwork, and Networking. 

6-8 Months plan - The cornerstone of value we provide for artists comes when the live performance is combined with a post-show analysis of where the artist is so our insiders can provide a strong recommendation plan for what our artists can accomplish over the next 6-8 months. 

Tool Sharing and Updates - We have several industry partners and as tech continues to move in to our space there are more and more opportunities to use them as support. We will keep our artists up to date with the best new tools to use in their development journey.