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• Date, • venue, • time of performance -> other acts on the bill. • Opening song, • highlight of the performance, • interactions with the crowd, crowd reception, • closing song, length of set, • relativity of set (was it an album, the hits, etc?) Misc: Venue History, Geographic History, mention previous show
Experience * • Address the experience. Did you enjoy it, did others enjoy it? • Did the act enjoy it? • Was it sold out or empty – did anyone care? • Were the drinks solid, was the bar/sound/entry awesome or awful? • How were the fans? Young old annoying or fun • Close with your overall feeling for the show. It’s not about the artist or the music alone, it’s about this specific performance.
• What the artist is up to – recent or upcoming record release, tour, sponsorship etc. • Details: add dates, schedules if applicable • Tie-in shout outs. The DJ, the artist’s sponsors, the influencer that told you about this artist, the platform you found it on etc.