Show Recap: The Marked Men, Royal Headache @ The Regent Theater

Stars (total of 10 possible): 7

- Venue: The Regent Theater
- Time of performance: 8:00pm - 12:00 pm
- Opening song: Punk Confusion by Audacity
- Highlight of the performance: The four bands performed
- Interaction with the crowd, crowd reception: Not all the people are super engaged, but most of people there enjoyed the concert very much.
- Closing song: Get yo you by The Marked Man
- Length of set: 4 hours, The Marked Man was at 11pm
- Relativity of set: It was a concert with four rock bands with all of their hits in different albums. Presented by FYF presents.

The Regent Theater is a vintage 1914 cinema recreated as an indie concert hall & performance space. The Regent opened February 1914 as the National Theatre, the second building on the site with that name. Reopened November 2014 as a restaurant, bar and live music venue operated by longtime promoter Mitchell Frank. It has a bar and pizzeria at the front door but not inside of the venue. The venue is mostly for indie rock and punk band, and can fit like around 300-400 people.

I had not listen to The Marked Man and Royal Headache before I went to the concert. I just love funk rock music so I picked this concert to go. I enjoyed a lot from those music. The lighting is great there to strengthen the atmosphere. The act was really into it, and I can feel the energy from them. There were a lot of people there and it was full.

They have a bar at the front door outside of the venue, and there was not too many drink options. The fans were really fun, they wore different unique styles, and most of people were really enjoying the music.

Overall, I enjoyed the show a lot. The music genre is what I like and the performers were great. Not all the people super engaged with music because too many people were there, so it did not go crazy. But all the people were definitely into the music and had a great time. It was hard to get drinks because the bar is outside and the space is kinda crowd. The music is not like extremely exciting all the time, but the bands made some good connections with the audiences.

Wrap Up: The Marked Man does not have a recent record release. They are on a small tour around the nation. Below are the recent schedules of their concert.

  • Saturday 22 July 2017
    • The Chapel, San Francisco, CA, US
  • Thursday 20 July 2017
    • The Regent Theater, Los Angeles, CA, US
  • Friday 07 April 2017
    • Brooklyn Bazaar, Brooklyn, NY, US

I did not know the band prior to the concert, so they are new to me. But I think they delivered a great live performances.

-Kai Liang,  July 20, 2017