Show Recap: Miguel & Gabriel Garzon-Montano at The Annenberg LA

Miguel & Gabriel Garzon-Montano at The Annenberg LA Presented by KCRW

Show Rating: 9/10 

 photo credit: Mariah Gamble

photo credit: Mariah Gamble

The show was performed on July 15th, 2017 at the Annenberg Space for Photography, from 5-10:30 PM. KCRW's Anthony Valadez opened the show DJ'ing great music, followed by DJ Stretch Armstrong, who spun as well. Gabriel then came on and did a beautiful set of his music, which I am new to, but am definitely a fan of now! Miguel did a set of his incredible, well-known songs like Adorn, Coffee, Simple Things, Candles in the Sun, Do You..., The Thrill, How Many Drinks?, and Sure Thing. Miguel's set lasted about an hour and a half, and incorporated popular songs from other artists, like Kendrick Lamar, which he used to successfully transition into his upcoming songs. The crowd surrounding the stage where I was was totally engaged and you could tell were genuine Miguel fans. The highlight of the performance was when he performed hits like Adorn and How Many Drinks?.

This live experience was one to remember. The crowd thoroughly enjoyed it, throwing their hands up to their favorite songs and singing along to the lyrics.The Annenberg was packed-- the venue reached capacity at about 7 PM. The crowd consisted of a wide variety of people-- families with their preteen kids to middle aged adults, and everyone in between. The only downside to this was that because it was so packed, patrons got upset when they couldn't see Miguel as well as they would've liked, due to the many surrounding people. I even had some patrons get upset with me as I tried to move closer in the crowd, as many other people were doing. The line for the bar was constantly long, so I didn't get any drinks-- but I did have a friend that was able to get me into a VIP section, where a few selection of drinks were served. I had a Rose wine, which was alright (too bitter for me). I loved that they gave out electric wristbands that flashed to the music; a lot of people had them, so it was pretty cool to see the array of lights as the music played. Overall, I absolutely loved the show and had an amazing time! Waiting in line for 30 minutes (which actually wasn't that bad) was totally worth it, and I would do it all to see Miguel perform again.

Gabriel Garzon-Montano has an upcoming show in the Fall in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and has released his latest project, Jardin, to Spotify, Itunes, Google Play, and Soundcloud. Miguel continues to perform around the country, and has recently been involved with a project called Earthworks on Viceland. RME's own Kevin Wright forwarded me the opportunity to see this show, which I thank him greatly for!

by Mariah Gamble