New Music #1

1. Lovelite:

Lovelite is a wife and husband duo, Jen and Andrew Polfer, based in Southern California. They are worship leaders, creating Christian music, with 80/90's techno-pop-like sounds. Using synthesizers and unique instruments like worn drums, the two create a mesmerizing symphony of music that reflects their beliefs and ever-evolving message. 

Single: "Prophesy" - released July 13th, 2017

IG: @lovelitemusic


2. Nitty Scott

Nitty Scott is a MC from New York, distributing message-driven and socially responsible music. Her lyrics tell powerful stories that are shown through a new-school, progressive lane of the rap game. 

Single: "La Diaspora" (ft. Zap Mama) - released July 14th, 2017

IG: @nittyscottmc


3. Gallant

Gallant is a versatile R&B singer/songwriter from Columbia, Maryland, now based in LA. Gallant is signed to Mind of a Genius Records, and released his first debut album, Ology, in 2016. His voiced is highly praised for its wide range and diversity, creating the mature and individual sound we hear in his music.

Single: "In the Room: Cruisin'" (with Andra Day) - released June 27th, 2017

IG: @sogallant

-Mariah Gamble