Hope Bello • Toronto, Canada

Hey my name is Hope Bello. 21 years old. I'm originally born in Cameroon, my parents are Nigerian but I grew up in Republic of Ireland for about 19 years and moved to Canada in 2015. I'm a rapper/singer currently working on a mixtape. Unfortunately I haven't been able to reach a good recording studio yet. I've been writing since the age of 14 finding inspiration from absolutely everything in life. I love to create and i’m a very innovative thinker. I also have a love for photography, although I don’t own a camera yet I’m currently taking pictures with my iPhone6s. I also have a Instagram photography page called ( my_c0llecti0n ) and also handle another Instagram page for my group ( poeticdistrict ) a group of creatives and writers. My life has just been based around being creative and I enjoy doing it.