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The Ramsay Mulholland Events team has 35+ years in the music and event production business with experience in producing live shows and events throughout the United States and Canada. We have backgrounds in performance, scouting, artist development, A&R, Recording, Marketing, Radio, and Management.

RME knows what it takes to propel artists, educate entrepreneurs, create positive PR, and generate original content. We provide a platform for artists and entrepreneurs to push their careers forward and engage thousands of new fans on their way to the stage.

Local Showcases • College Events • Private Events

Local artists, music, and venues are doing more business than ever. Major artists are staying home to grow their communities and with it has come massive growth in niche markets. Atlanta, Chicago, Austin all fueled by homegrown talent and festivals. Anthem is our incubator for local artists, entrepreneurs, and communities alike.


Ticket Links:

LOS ANGELES 9/9 • CHICAGO 9/10 • SAN DIEGO 9/10 • ST. LOUIS 9/16

 ORLANDO 9/17 • Philadelphia 9/17 • PHOENIX 9/24 • CHARLOTTE 10/8  

 AUSTIN 10/14Albuquerque 10/13 • SALT LAKE CITY 10/14 • DENVER 10/15

Pittsburgh 10/20 • CINCINNATI 10/21 •Toronto 10/21 • VANCOUVER 10/28

 Seattle 10/29 • Boston 11/5 • Memphis 11/12Milwaukee 11/19Atlanta 11/19

Dallas* - 9/17, 10/22, 11/19 • (House of Blues Residency*)

Dallas, TX

Dallas, TX

Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake City, UT

San Diego, CA

San Diego, CA

Denver, CO

Denver, CO

Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix, AZ

Toronto, Canada

Toronto, Canada

More than just a showcase.

Our industry professionals do all the heavy lifting to bring a one of a kind evening to our university partners powered by their students; We set up the venue, book a local headliner, lend our production insight, and use our industry resources to get the show off the ground. From there - we plug the students in to every aspect of the event. Performers, Promoters, Representatives, and Organizations - Take a look below.


Event planning, industry representatives

Our team of local and big industry insiders provide real feedback and the valuable development advice artists and college representatives need most.


Singer-Songwriters, Bands, DJs, Comedians

Student DJs, Bands, and Recording Artists will fill the marquee to perform for fans, friends, and industry representatives alike. Together we will create new content, fans and experience.

College Representatives

 Promoters • Photographers • Hosts

Resume experience is in high demand. Our college reps engage in guided event planning, promotion, marketing, content creation, and show production to gain valuable real world experience. 

Student Organizations

Fraternity/Sorority • Athletics • Clubs

Student Organizations will have a chance to promote the event and sell tickets to benefit their group and/or the philanthropy of their choice. 50% of all ticket proceeds go directly back to the students.

current university partners:

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At RME our goal is to find and connect as many independent artists as possible. Give us some more information so we can get moving.


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